Brit Hume: ‘Unscrupulous’ Democrats Tear Down Statues To Keep Racism Afloat For Political Currency


Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume slammed the Democrats’ initiatives to tear down historic statues and said it was a way of keeping racism afloat and maintaining a power grip on America on Tuesday’s “Fox News Primetime.”

“Tearing down a statue or moving it out of sight or whatever they want to do is not going to change the life of one kid in Harlem or New York or anywhere else. These are empty gestures designed to fan the flames of racial disagreement in this country, and it’s all about when you get down to it about … the collapse of individual responsibility, which was something that has been integral to America’s growth and prosperity.”

Hume pointed out how Democrats embolden criminals while trampling on men and women of law enforcement.

“And now we see people in a situation where the criminals are not really to blame it’s the police force and crimes go unpunished and arrested. You have, you know, people walking out of Walgreens stores in San Francisco with tons of material and selling it on the street and all that unpunished. Personal responsibility is not the order of the day.”

Democrats such as Mayor Bill de Blasio and, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, et al., have increasingly pushed to “defund the police.” Former officers have spoken out about the movement, including the… (Read more)

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