Brian Kilmeade Absolutely Demolishes Whoopi Goldberg And The Arrogant Horse She Rode In On


Whoopi Goldberg proved once again that she needs to be taken off the air because her nonsense and falsehoods is polluting our nation.

Thankfully Brian Kilmeade, co-host of Trump’s favorite show “Fox & Friends,” just demolished her exposing her lies once again.

Brian made a remark about the statue controversy and wondered aloud if the 911 memorial was next?

Victims, 9/11. Perpetrators, Confederacy. You understand the difference?” Goldberg said trying to mock the Fox News host.

“When you see something that is put together to intimidate… and that is celebrating a group of people who decided that they wanted to fight for their right to own slaves. I think it’s kind of––you can’t––it’s beyond apples and oranges. Get a book, read a book, crack a book, read something.”

On his radio show, The Brian Kilmeade Show, that afternoon, the Fox News host put her in her place.

According to Bizpacreview, he started by pointing out that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is, like at this very moment Whoopi, convening a commission to analyze every statue in the city “to see if they’re worthy of staying up.”Brian said,

“They are now putting a definer on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC. They are now defiling the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. They are chopping off heads of Columbus who I don’t think fought in the Civil War but I gotta crack a book according to Whoopi Goldberg,” Kilmeade said.

“To put your values on people that lived 200 years ago, I think it shows the arrogance of our generation.”

Correct Brian and there is none more arrogant than Whoopi.

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“What about all those people who thought it was perfectly okay for women not to vote?” Kilmeade asked. “What about all those people… that thought it was perfectly okay for blacks to go to the back of the bus? Are they all horrible people? They’re brought up in a time where for some reason that was considered the norm. But as a society, we kept getting better.

We always keep improving. But you can’t say that Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are bad because you don’t agree with everything that they did.”

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