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Failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton who has become the loudest political voice against the current border policies once sang a very different tune.

This is when Barack Obama was holding children in detention centers.

There didn’t appear to be much worry in her voice for the immigrant children in these years.

The backlash against Hillary for making those statements was widespread and she seems to have adapted to the criticism in true political form and changed her stance.


As reported dailykos.com

Hillary Clinton joined the first lady call to reunite asylum-seeking families while giving a speech at the 8th annual Elly Awards, which honors outstanding women. The speech, which at times received loud, sustained applause, is exactly the type of leadership we need at this moment, especially with Republicans (who have control of the White House, the House and the Senate) failing to act.

Amazing how just few years and a failed Presidency can change your political views.
One thing people must remember is that politicians don’t really stand for anything but what is popular or what they perceive to be popular.
When you’ve been doing it as long as the Clinton’s you have a lifetime to adapt.

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