Breaking VIDEO: The Fix Was In. Look Who Has Come Out! Democrats Panicking!


Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee praised former interim Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile for “revealing the truth” about Hillary Clinton campaign’s “unethical influencing of the Democratic National Committee’s role in the 2016 primary process.”

“I applaud Donna Brazile for revealing the truth about the Clinton campaign’s unethical influencing of the Democratic National Committee’s role in the 2016 primary process,” Chafee said. “From my experience as a participant in that process the same unethical collusion occurred with the mainstream media. CNN was rightfully labeled ‘Clinton News Network.’ The tragedy is that this unethical behavior resulted in a Democratic Party candidate who lost to a seemingly unelectable man.”

The “Clinton News Network” is a name President Trump used to mock CNN for alleged bias. Trump has also called CNN, among other outlets, “fake news.”

In her book, Brazile, the former DNC interim vice chair who fed questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in advance of a 2016 Democratic Primary town hall, explained how she uncovered the joint fundraising agreement struck between the Clinton campaign and the DNC in August, 2015—before any caucuses, primaries, or debates—that not only allowed the Clinton campaign to essentially funnel money designated for state parties and the DNC back into its own coffers, but gave it stunning control over staffing, strategy, and finances at the “neutral” DNC.

“Clearly, the process was indeed rigged against Bernie Sanders (and let’s not forget good ol Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb too!). But, maybe worse than handing the keys to the DNC’s car over to Clinton nearly a year before she was the official nominee is why the DNC did so,” Donna said.


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