BREAKING VIDEO: Obama Caught Spending $770 Million To Build FOREIGN MOSQUES


We’ve all known for years that Barack Hussein Obama has put foreign Muslims ahead of the American people. However, even we didn’t think he’d take things this far…


Conservative Daily Post reported that Obama has secretly spent $770 million in tax dollars to build mosques in foreign nations. This explains why he refuses to destroy ISIS and why he has been so close to the Iranians during his presidency.

It also explains why he has allowed Islam to get out of control in the U.S. since taking office and done everything in his power to turn us into a Muslim nation

The program, which Obama somehow managed to hide for most of his presidency, spends money through the State Department’s USAID program. It proves once and for all that Obama is trying to spread both Islam and Shariah law all over the globe.

Millions of Americans are struggling to put food on the table right now, so think of all the American lives Obama could have changed with $770 million.

Instead, he chose to spend the money on foreign Muslims, many of whom have no respect for the U.S.


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