BREAKING: Twin Bombings Kill 40, 120 Wounded…


At least 40 people are dead and another 120 or more wounded after twin blasts destroyed passenger buses in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The buses were full of Shiite Muslim pilgrims from Iraq.

They had traveled to Damascus to pray at a shrine where descendants and companions of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed are buried.

It is being called the bloodiest single terrorist attack in Damascus in recent years.

And that’s saying a lot, considering the devastation wrought by Syria’s ongoing civil war.

Sunni Muslim groups like ISIS have been attacking Shiite shrines for years.

Many don’t realize that far more Muslims are killed by fellow Muslims than by Western military activity.

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But it’s not politically correct to point that out.

Nor is it politically correct to note that these attacks again underscore the need for President Trump’s strict immigration policies.

It may not be politically correct, but it is necessary, unless Americans want such scenes of destruction to become commonplace here at home.

H/T The Federalist Papers

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