Breaking: Tucker Carlson Just Challenged Her To A Debate On Live Television


Fox News Host Tucker Carlson has challenged Democratic Representative Maxine Waters to a debate in life televisions.

Waters recently spotlighted an event to demonstrate her ‘millennial appeal’ but no millennials showed up.

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I’m tempted to call Maxine Waters a one-trick pony. The problem is, she really has two tricks. The first trick is demanding President Trump’s impeachment – something she does on an almost daily basis. This trick convinces left-wing news shows to book her and tolerate her crazy rambling. It’s the trick you’re familiar with if you live in the 49 states that aren’t California.

If you do live in California, you know the other the trick. Somehow, in defiance of all odds, this race-baiting do-nothing has managed to stay in office for a staggering 27 years while accomplishing virtually nothing for any of the multiple districts she’s represented. Don’t act like you’re not impressed. To be that incompetent and win continuously for almost three decades? That may not be something to which we should aspire, but it is impressive.

You would assume then, with such a long history of winning re-election, that Waters would have quite a following. You’d bet that she’s planned ahead, cultivated a sizable youth program, and can call upon millennials when she needs to. If, for example, there was something called a “tweet-a-thon” that was designed to attract more than ten people, you would expect a respectable turnout. You would also expect that, if only about 10 people bothered to show up, she’d be smart enough not to post that to her Twitter feed.

Would you watch a debate between Maxine and Tucker? Who do you think would win that one?

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