Breaking: Trump White House Suffers Major Blow


This is not good, folks.

President Trump is looking more and more isolated, even within his own administration.

Of course, that could just be the mainstream media’s spin.

Still, those images of former White House communications director Hope Hicks departing the Trump Administration did NOT play well.

Predictably, the media had a field day with it.

From Time:

When the new President and his team moved into the White House last January, he installed his long-serving press aide in a tiny, windowless room directly outside the Oval Office. He could shout at her to bring him the latest news clips and polls. He could summon her to his private office next door to watch television coverage. Above all, he felt, he could trust her — she was a rare, reassuring support in his new digs in a new city filled with newcomers he didn’t know well.

Which is why the news of Hope Hicks resigning, which broke late Feb. 28, comes as such a blow to the Trump White House. “I cannot over-state how important Hope is to keeping this thing together,” one West Wing official said. “She really is one of the only people who has the President’s trust and respect.” In a building riven with suspicion and infighting, presided over by an unpredictable, some would say irrational, boss, a key pillar of support is leaving.

Now, we might disagree with Time’s description of Trump himself, but their assessment of Hicks’ contribution to the administration is likely spot on.

And her leaving is a significant blow to the Trump White House.

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