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BREAKING: Trump Wasn’t Joking, Sends Federal Strike Force to Chicago


When are liberals going to learn that when President Trump says something, he MEANS IT!

Ultra-liberal Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel just learned that the hard way.

Last month, Trump was outraged by the out-of-control crime in Chicago. Taking to Twitter, as he likes to do, the president threatened to “send in the Feds” if Emmanuel didn’t get the situation under control.

Well, the rulers of Chicago did not heed Trump’s warning.

And now he’s dispatched a “special task force” from the ATF.

Until now, the ATF only had 40 agents in Chicago. Trump just increased that to 60, and tasked those additional agents to form a new “crime guns strike force” on the ground there.

President Trump is done letting liberal Democratic politicians ruin America’s greatest cities. He’s taking back the streets!

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