BREAKING: Trump Shocks Everyone With Massive Announcement – Will he be secure?


Donald Trump surprised everyone on Monday when he announced that he will be breaking from tradition by utilizing a private security force when he takes office.

Mediaite reported that Trump will continue to supplement the Secret Service protection afforded him as president-elect with a private security force led by Keith Schiller, a former NYPD police officer who first began working for Trump in 1999.

During his campaign, Trump often called upon Schiller to remove protesters and calm down crowds of liberal haters.

Last year, Schiller removed Jorge Ramos from a press conference after he tried to ask the then-candidate about his immigration policy.

Politico reported that this may be the first time in history a president has used a private security force:

Several past presidential nominees have used private security or, in the case of governors running for president, state police details. But the experts could not think of another example of a president-elect continuing with any private security after Election Day, when Secret Service protection expands dramatically for the winner. In fact, most candidates drop any outside security the moment they’re granted Secret Service protection.

Trump’s spending on private security, on the other hand, actually increased after he was granted Secret Service protection in November 2015.

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