BREAKING: Trump Sends In the Military


The mainstream media has predictably tried to paint President Donald Trump as wavering and unprepared as our nation faces overwhelming natural disasters.

But that’s clearly not true.

In fact, Trump was ahead of the game, deploying two naval warships and 1,000 US Marines to swoop in and deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

From Breitbart:

Department of Defense officials stated the Marines and Sailors are assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. Assigned to the USS Kearsarge and the USS Iwo Jima, the units are prepared to deliver water purification systems; storage and distribution capabilities; airborne and surface transportation; heavy lift capabilities; damage assessment aerial reconnaissance; and the distribution of medical technicians.

“We train for this kind of mission. It’s in the DNA of the Marine Expeditionary Unit to rapidly respond to crisis when called upon,” 26th MEU Executive Officer Lt. Colonel Christopher Timothy said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “Alongside our Navy partners, we stand strong and ready to help those affected by this storm in whatever way we can.”

From the deck of the two warships, Marine pilots are prepared to place five Osprey. six Super Stallions, and three Huey helicopters wherever they are needed to provide assistance and support to local rescue and recovery operations.

Only a president that values and understands the value of our military would be so prepared.

Our troops are ready not only to fight our enemies, but to keep our nation safe in any and every way possible.

Including battling against natural disasters.

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Trump knows that, and that’s why there hasn’t been a commander-in-chief like him in a very long time.

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