BREAKING: Trump Responds to Impeachment


President Trump has officially been impeached.

The moment Democrats finally won back a majority in the House of Representatives, everyone knew this was coming. It’s been their sole motivation for years, as opposed to, you know, actually legislating to the benefit of the American people.

Of course, what a lot of Americans don’t realize is that this isn’t the end of Trump. Articles of impeachment are like an indictment, but not a conviction.

The articles of impeachment now go to the Senate for what amounts to a trial, but there Republicans enjoy a majority, and are determined to simply acquit the President on all charges.

So, while Democrats have had their day in the sun, this storm will soon blow over, Trump will win big in 2020, and life will go on.

In fact, that was much the attitude Trump himself took during a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan as the House was voting.

“By the way it doesn’t feel like I’m being impeached,” said the president, noting the massive support he still enjoys among average Americans and even within a Republican Party that is increasingly coming to terms with his unorthodox style of governing.

While Trump has lashed out at Nancy Pelosi and Democrats on Twitter, it’s clear from his public appearance yesterday that he’s taking this latest “witch hunt,” as he called it, in stride.

Via Times of Israel

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