BREAKING: Trump Picks a New Director!


President Trump just lit the match that will ignite his next major battle on Capitol Hill.

Over the weekend, the White House confirmed that Kathy Kraninger will be the next head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, pending Senate approval.

Of course, that approval won’t be quick (or easy) in obtaining.

The CFPB was set up by the Democrats (Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in fact) as an agency that supposedly works against corruption in government.

But, true to their nature, under Democratic management, the CFPB had engaged in “excessive spending, dysfunctional operations and politicized agendas,” according to a statement by White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters.

Kraninger will continue the work of her predecessor, Mick Mulvaney, in cleaning up operations at the CFPB, and Democrats are none-too-pleased about that.

The problem for Trump will be that many conservative Republicans on Capitol Hill don’t think the CFPB should exist at all, and so would prefer a candidate who’s not dedicated to cleaning it up, but rather to shutting it down.

Source: Politico

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