BREAKING: Trump Orders Strike Against North Korea. IT’S HAPPENING!


Here we go. “First blood” has been drawn in the inevitable war between North Korea and Trump’s America.

President Trump has ordered the first real “strike” by American forces against North Korea.

No, we aren’t talking about bombers pounding the North Korean military forces. Not yet, anyway.

The first strike is electronic in nature, which makes sense. Take out their ability to surveil and coordinate using modern technology.

To that end, Trump ordered US Cyber Command to take out the electronic capabilities of North Korea’s military spy agency.

Via the Daily Express:

Hackers working for US Cyber Command targeted North Korea’s military spy agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, according to the Washington Post.

It has been claimed the US bombarded the spy agency’s computer servers with so much traffic it eventually blocked their Internet access.

The Cyber Command operation was part of the overall campaign set in motion many months ago and the effects were temporary and not destructive.

A senior administration official said: “What I can tell you is that North Korea has itself been guilty of cyber attacks and we are going to take appropriate measures to defend our networks and systems.”

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