Breaking: Trump Just Gave Kellyanne Conway A New Job & It May Be The Most Important Of Her Career


The United States is facing a drug epidemic that has killed far too many Americans, and it is no secret that it is going to be a hard job cleaning the mess up. We are talking about saving the lives of Americans who are suffering from drug addiction, and President Trump is prepared to make some big changes in order to do just that.

As sad as it is, and as hard as it is to admit, the opioid crisis in America has gotten very bad. Something needs to be done soon. Personally, I have known far too many young people go down the dead end path of drug addiction, and sadly many of them were unable to overcome their addictions. Drug overdoses are a far too common occurrence in our country.

President Donald Trump understands the situation on a very personal level as well. Our Commander in Chief has never had a sip of alcohol in his entire life due to the loss of his brother to alcoholism.

Our country is facing a lot of big issues these days, but the opioid crisis is perhaps the largest and most dangerous. Many people are exactly familiar with the numbers involved, and upon hearing them are left in shock. The following video should be seen by as many Americans as possible.

The numbers are absolutely staggering. CNN reported that in 2015, America saw 52,404 deaths due to overdoses. 33,091 (63.1%) of these deaths involved opioid usage. The average breaks down to 91 opioid overdose-related deaths every single day.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that 11.5 million Americans, beginning at age 12, misused prescription pain medication last year. Approximately 948,000 (0.3%) of the United States population (beginning at age 12) were have reported to have used heroin in 2016.

This epidemic is literally killing Americans by the masses. President Trump has made it clear that taking care of this issue is a main priority of his. He has just appointed Kellyanne Conway as the woman who will lead the fight against drugs.

The Daily Caller reported that White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway has just been selected by President Trump to represent the Trump administration as “opioid czar.”

During a Wednesday press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement that Conway would be leading the White House in their effort to battle opioid addiction in our country. During the press conference, Sessions explained that Conway would “coordinate and lead the effort from the White House.”

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Sessions explained, “The president has made this a White House priority.”

This will surely be Kellyanne Conway’s most important job that she has ever had. Let’s hope she can help our country get back on track and save some lives.

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