Breaking: Trump Has Done It Again


President Trump continues to “Make America Great Again”. According to a new report, April Jobless claims have plummeted to a 45-year low.

As reported by

Jobless claims in early April dropped by over 9,000 applications to just over 230,000; reaching levels not seen in the United States since the mid 1970s.
The new data shows America’s unemployment claims are at a 45-year low as the labor market continues to roar to life under President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Layoffs are near a 45-year low and show no sign of rising. Companies increasingly complain about a shortage of skilled labor with the unemployment rate at a 17-year low of 4.1%, making it harder for them to fill a record number of job openings,” writes Market Watch.

The real question that remains now is will the media ever switch gears and focus on the amazing achievements of the Trump administration or will the continue to focus on every possible negative?

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