BREAKING: Trump Family Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement – Look What’s Happening Right Now


Ever since Trump was elected as President, so many accusations were thrown at him. So many believed in their sick lies, and it all turned into a violent rage on the streets. But did the Trump family deserve to be attacked by all sides? They did nothing wrong, they are living their father’s dream and have nothing to do with his politics.

Eric Trump and his beloved wife Lara confirmed several months ago that they donated an astounding $20 million dollars to help sick children. They donated their money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which is an organization to help children with rare diseases.

According to Eric, he thinks that St. Jude hospital is a “national treasure.”

In this video Eric is stunned and visibly moved when he recounts his first visit to the hospital and saw all the wonderful work that was being done.

He and his wife decided to do a wonderful thing, and be involved with such a worthy cause, but even St. Jude was shocked of the amount of money they received.

Eric said nothing else, but how proud he is to be a part of this organization. He totally understands the importance of charity, to help others less fortunate, and in this case he wants to help find a solution for pediatric cancer. The deadly disease that takes so many lives of children.

He is giving money to people with great ideas and determined to find any solution. Does it sounds like his father? As same as President Trump wants to do with our crumbling economy.

So, as we can clearly see, this is the TRUE side of the Trump family. Not what the mainstream media shows.

The Trump family is caring, humble, and smart.

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This story will definitely touch you… This text shows the REAL side of Donald Trump. We knew how great he is, but this shows that he is emotional and honest man, who raised AMAZING kids.


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