BREAKING: Trump Approves Emergency Action


The nation is on highest alert and President Donald Trump is wasting no time approving emergency action and mobilizing his forces for the inevitable.

The disaster about to strike the United States could be unprecedented in scope, and Trump isn’t about to be caught with his pants down.

Already, they are calling Hurricane Irma one of the largest and potentially most catastrophic storms ever to hit American shores.

Some were wrongly saying Irma is a Category 6 hurricane. But there is no Category 6. If there was, Irma would be in it.

In other words, Irma makes Harvey look like spring showers.

And it’s about to hit Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. After that, Irma will slam into Florida before either heading into the Gulf of Mexico, where it would become even stronger thanks to the warm waters, or up the Atlantic coast, where it would devastate the eastern seaboard.

Either way, Irma has the potential to be a disaster the likes of which America hasn’t seen in at least a century.

As such, President Trump released the following order:

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