BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Grills Comey On Leaks, And Comey’s Answer Is Bad


Congressman Trey Gowdy asked James Comey if leaks of classified information will be prosecuted, and Comey could not confirm it would.

From The Daily Caller:

Congressman Trey Gowdy pressed the F.B.I. Director James Comey — during his Monday hearing before the House Intelligence Committee — on how media outlets, such as the New York Times, have encountered classified information relating to the intelligence community’s investigation into the 2016 election.

The South Carolina Republican read a number of headlines, openly referring to leaks of classified information, before posing to Comey he “thought it was against the law to disseminate classified information information. Is it?”

Oh, yes, sure,” Comey answered. “It’s a serious crime.”

“I’m not going to comment on those particular articles because I don’t want to in any circumstance compound a criminal act by confirming that it was classified information.”

“In general, yes, it’s a serious crime,” he reiterated. “It should be for the reasons you said.”


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