BREAKING: Top Democrat Arrested, Dragged to Jail in Handcuffs


Finally, some justice against the corrupt cronyism that has overtaken the Democratic Party.

A top New York Democrat is about to spend the next three years of his life behind bars after being found guilty in federal court.

Breaking911 reports:

Gerard Terry, former Chairman of the Democratic Party in North Hempstead and head of the Nassau County Board of Elections, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, to be followed by three years’ supervised release, $992,057 in restitution and $31,000 in forfeiture, following his guilty plea on October 12, 2017 to tax evasion.

What’s more is that most of the taxes Terry failed to pay were on income that he earned in government positions, of which he held half a dozen.

This isn’t just some low-level Democratic activist.

Terry was the head honcho for the Democratic Party in Long Island.

Odd that you don’t hear the mainstream media making a very big deal of this. After all, had Terry been a Republican, he’d be headline news.

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