BREAKING: Three Congressmen Arrested Outside Trump Tower


Democrats just can’t seem accept the will of the American people when it contradicts their own narrow agenda for this country.

In so doing, they betray the very name of their own party, for they are anything but “democratic.”

The American people are sick and tired of allowing illegal immigrants to pour across our borders and then to spend our tax dollars on supporting those infiltrators.

Again, it’s not that we’re against immigration. This country was built on immigration.

But there is a legal process to enter and become and American, and those protected under Barack Obama’s “Dreamers” program did not follow that process.

In fact, they sidestepped it entirely, illegally. Meaning they are, by definition, criminals.

One of the main reasons we voted for Trump was his promise to rectify that situation. To no longer allow people to enter illegally, but to require them to meet certain criteria to become Americans.

And he made a good first step by announcing an end to DACA.

But liberals came out in force to denounce Trump as a bigot for doing what most Americans wanted, and for enforcing the law.

And guess to who was right there among these un-American demonstrators gathering outside Trump Tower?

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None other than US congressmen Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Rep. Raul Grijalva and Rep. Andriano Espaillat.

And not only were they protesting. They became so out of control that police had to arrest all three members of Congress.

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