Middle East

BREAKING: They’re Invading!!


There are several situations in the world today that could potentially trigger World War III, and one of them just took another dangerous step forward.

While most are worried about Iran and North Korea, and with good reason, the situation most likely to lead to large-scale war in the short-term is the Kurdish quest for independence.

Recently, the Kurds in northern Iraq voted in favor of independence.

And an independent Kurdish state would quickly encompass the massive Kurdish populations in Syria, Turkey and Iran.

As such, all those nations, including Iraq, are vehemently opposed to the Kurds exercising self-determination.

So much so, that the Iraqis have started invading those areas previously under Kurdish autonomy.

Al-Iraqiya TV says the military, anti-terrorist units and federal police have taken control of some areas around the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. It says they advanced without firing a shot.

Now, the Kurds have had enough. They’re going for it.

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And if the Arabs, Turks and Iranians respond violently, the region will very quickly erupt in large-scale war.

And that will very quickly draw in both Russia and America… and then the rest of the world.

Source: Associated Press

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