Breaking: They’re almost done with the Clinton Email report


DOJ’s Inspector General has informed lawmakers that a draft of the long-awaited report examining how FBI/DOJ leadership handled Clinton case is finally done.

From cnn.com

A draft of the much-anticipated report from the Justice Department’s internal watchdog, addressing a wide-ranging set of allegations that department protocols were flouted when the FBI investigated Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, has been completed, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz informed lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday that his office has provided leadership at the Justice Department and FBI with a copy of the draft report and has requested that they review it for classified information.

“We will update you on the specific timing for the report’s release, and I will be prepared to provide a briefing and testify publicly about our findings and conclusions as soon as the report is released,” Horowitz wrote in a letter to members of various committees.

It’s great to hear that the report is almost done, but the government could have save us a lot of money if ex-FBI boss James Comey and the boys didn’t cover-up Hillary’s crimes and let her walk free!

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