Breaking: They Just Raised The Antifa Flag!


Folks, what you are about to see is INSANE!

Virgina Governor and Charlottesville Mayor allowed Antifa flag to be raised.

If you listen to some secular media, you’d get the impression that Donald Trump is responsible for Charlottesville and that those who voted for him are culpable as well.

You’d also get the impression that unless you denounce Trump, you’re guilty of racism and are likely a white supremacist.

And since many evangelical leaders support Trump, you’d be led to believe that they are part of the alt-right, all of them racists and hyper-nationalists.

Watch who’s really extreme …

The alt-right. White supremacists. Nationalists. Trump supporters. Racists. Evangelical Christians. Is this a list of unrelated, widely disparate groups that overlap only on the fringes? Or does this describe the inter-connected spokes of the same wheel, different in emphasis but not in kind? The tragedy in Charlottesville, which has heightened tensions and exacerbated divisions in our country, calls for clarity and charity.

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A Vote for Trump is a Not a Vote for White Nationalism

Many of you reading this have had the same experience, as if there was an explicit connection between Charlottesville and Trump voters, between racism and evangelical Christians. But is there a connection?

The reality is that there are dangerous extremes on the right and on the left, and there is racism on the right and on the left. All of this is wrong and contemptible. But these are extremes. Let’s not forget that.

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