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BREAKING!!! They Just Found It – This Changes Everything!


If there’s one thing liberals hate, it’s being proved wrong. Unfortunately for them, that seems to happen a LOT.

For as long as we can remember, the mainstream liberal media and its unhinged fans (we say fans because it’s more entertainment than actual journalism) have been pushing the Muslim narrative that Israel is illegitimate and the Jews have no history in the Holy Land.

They do this despite the wealth of documents and archaeological evidence proving the exact opposite.

Well, Israel’s Antiquities Authority just made a discovery that they’ll find hard to ignore.

In fact, Reuters was the first to report on it:

Israeli archaeologists unveiled on Monday a 2,700-year-old clay seal impression which they said belonged to a biblical governor of Jerusalem.

The artifact, inscribed in an ancient Hebrew script as “belonging to the governor of the city”, was likely attached to a shipment or sent as a souvenir on behalf of the governor, the most prominent local position held in Jerusalem at the time, the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

The impression, the size of a small coin, depicts two standing men, facing each other in a mirror-like manner and wearing striped garments reaching down to their knees. It was unearthed near the plaza of Judaism’s Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

“It supports the Biblical rendering of the existence of a governor of the city in Jerusalem 2,700 years ago,” an Antiquities Authority statement quoted excavator Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah as saying.

Governors of Jerusalem, appointed by the king, are mentioned twice in the Bible, in 2 Kings, which refers to Joshua holding the position, and in 2 Chronicles, which mentions Masseiah in the post during the reign of Josiah.

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Given that this comes just weeks after Trump enraged liberals and the Muslim world by officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the find is all the more potent.

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