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BREAKING: They Got Him. The Manhunt Is Finally Over.


It took a very long time, and untold resources, but authorities have finally brought to justice one of the most wanted criminals.

For nearly 15 years, Eddie Hicks evaded capture despite being hunted by an international task force coordinated by FBI Chicago.

Hicks was himself a police officer for 30 years.

But in the later years of his service, Hicks and several other “dirty cops” would regularly pose as federal agents in order to steal narcotics from local drug dealers.

They’d then turn a healthy profit by reselling those same drugs to other dealers.

After getting found out, Hicks ran and managed to stay one step ahead of authorities for over 14 years.

Now 68-years-old, Hicks was finally tracked down in Detroit, Michigan and has been taken into custody.

Source: Breaking 911

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