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BREAKING: They Arrested All Four of Them!


Police have arrested all four suspects behind one of the more heinous crimes we’ve heard about lately.

Despite the severity of what happened, the mainstream media was too busy balking at Melania Trump’s shoes to cover it.

What you’re about to read is pure evil.

From the New York Post:

A 10-year-old girl who was beaten repeatedly, forced to run with heavy packs and dragged behind a car escaped her tormentors as they slept to ask a neighbor for help, police in central New York said Friday.

Four adults were charged after the bruised and malnourished girl escaped on Wednesday from her home in rural Oswego County, north of Syracuse. Her treatment, which included beatings with a tightly rolled newspaper wrapped with electrical tape, had apparently been getting worse since April, Oswego County Undersheriff Gene Sullivan said.

“She just couldn’t take it anymore,” he said.

Sullivan said the girl was forced to work outside clearing brush without access to water or a bathroom. She was served a single meal a day, doused in hot sauce.

“When she physically couldn’t continue, they tied a rope around her waist, tied that same rope to the bumper of the car and began to pull her along,” Sullivan said. “When she would drop, they would continue to drive and she’d end up getting dragged.”

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