Breaking: The U.S. Has Just Blocked the United Nations


The U.S. on Tuesday blocked a United Nations resolution that would “investigate” the violence that occurred during palestinian riots at the Gaza border on Monday.

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The statement expressed “outrage and sorrow” over the violence on Monday that left more than 50 dead and called for an “independent and transparent investigation” into the deaths, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The Telegraph reported that the statement urged all nations to adhere to the Security Council resolution calling for countries to not establish diplomatic missions in Jerusalem, which is highly contested by Israelis and Palestinians.

Palestinians seek to make East Jerusalem the capital of an independent state.

The statement was drafted by Kuwait, and directly addressed the violence, which was spurred by the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

The development comes ahead of a Security Council meeting on Tuesday to discuss the clashes. The Telegraph reported that is was unclear if any other Security Council members rejected the statement.

Over 50 Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire on the Gaza border on Monday while hundreds of others were left injured as waves of Palestinians attempted to cross the border into Israel.

The White House has laid blame on Hamas for the violence.

“The responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas. Hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response,” White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told reporters on Monday.

“We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Hamas is the one that, frankly, bears responsibility for the entire situation right now,” he continued.

This is the statement that the White House released on Monday following the deaths of the palestinians:

The difference in this administration from the previous is as big as a mountain. Barack Obama would have bent over backwards to condemn Israel and show sympathy for the Palestinians in this incident. There is no one who would argue against that.
President Trump however has shown that he won’t be manipulated by the actions of extremist who attempt to Usurp Israeli authority in a purposeful effort
to garner support against Israel.

This is what the so called palestinian victims are really all about:

The world must not be fooled by their tactics.

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