Breaking: The Mainstream Media Was Just Caught Sabotaging President Trump! This Needs To Get Out


President Trump took to twitter on Thursday and called out the fake news reporting.

The tweet comes after a short video clip of President Trump emerged where he seemingly called illegal immigrants “animals”

The news media has engaged in a crusade to completely dismantle the Trump administration by any means necessary.

They’ve joined with the Special Counsel in one of the greatest witch hunts the country has ever seen.

The only way for the President to get his message out now is to take to social media. If he were unable to do this his message would always be distorted and intentionally misrepresented.

This for example is a speech President Trump gave on the removal of criminal illegal immigrants such as MS13 members.

This is the clip in its entirety:

The mainstream media was quick to edit the clip and make it appear as if Trump was speaking about all illegal immigrants and calling them animals.

This is the clip that went viral in the media:

Numerous media sources played the edited video on their twitter feeds in a clear attempt to paint Trump as a racist.

It’s time to expose the media’s tactics.


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