Breaking: The FBI Knew and Did Nothing … Trump Responded


The fallout from yesterday’s Florida school shooting continues.

Not only have we learned that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was a highly disturbed individual with a predilection for guns and violence, but also that he had a dangerous personality and was kicked out of school.

Plenty of theories are floating out there as to why Cruz took the lives of 17 of his former classmates. What we do know for certain is one thing: the FBI was warned about Cruz and apparently did nothing to stop him.

From the New York Daily News:

FBI agents were warned about Nikolas Cruz’s plans to become a “professional school shooter” months ago, according to a YouTube vlogger who noticed a sick comment on one of his videos.

Ben Bennight, a bail bondsman in Mississippi who goes by the name Ben the Bondsman, said that he received a terrifying comment from a user called Nikolas Cruz under a video in September.

Bennight said that he flagged the comment to YouTube and also sent a screenshot to the FBI, who visited him briefly in September and asked him whether he knew the poster.

More from the report: “The blogger said that he was contacted again by agents from both the Missisippi and Miami field offices after Cruz took an AR-15 into his Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.”

It looks like that visit came a little too late to make a difference.

How very sad. We’ve been taught in the post-9/11 age to warn authorities about suspicious behavior when we encounter it. But even when we do flag abnormal behavior, that’s not a guarantee of a safety. As Jim Geraghty of National Review writes this morning: “‘If You See Something, Say Something’ Only Works if Authorities Do Something.”

“Our entire nation with one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families.”

President Donald J. Trump addresses the nation on the deadly Florida school shooting.

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