Breaking: The FBI Agents May Have Destroyed The Evidence


Accordingly to the Inspector General, disgraced FBI Agents Strzok and Page may have deleted text messages associated with his investigation.

As reported by truepundit.com

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has investigated whether the DOJ or FBI might have deleted text messages between bureau officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, according to GOP sources who have spoken with members of the IG’s team.

The latest batch of text messages between the two officials, who once served on the Russia probe and have come under scrutiny for exchanging anti-Trump and other politically charged texts, was turned over to Congress last week.

The sources told Fox News that the IG’s office, so far, has not found evidence that officials from either agency deleted any messages. It is unclear at this point if the office is still investigating the matter, and whether technical glitches might instead be at issue.

A spokesman for the inspector general told Fox News in an email that they were not able to comment.

However, the GOP sources cited issues with texts that were produced to Congress, including the most recent batch.

The texts show numerous messages in a row sent to Page from Strzok’s phone, on different dates, without a response from Page.

Others show texts cutting off mid-sentence, like a Strzok message that says, “They think he is unstable, that he can be manipul.”

Hmm, something sounds very fishy here. We’ll see if anything comes of it but it is more than likely no one will ever see those test messages again.

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