BREAKING: The Decision’s Been Made; VP Pence Breaks His Silence


Vice President Mike Pence had for months let President Trump do all the talking.

But with a final decision announced this week, our nation’s second-in-command immediately weighed in.

One of the biggest disgraces of 2017 was the childish protest of the National Anthem at NFL games across the country.

Trump lambasted those players taking part in this debacle, and the American people responded by finding something else to do on the weekends, leading to a major revenue crisis for the league.

More than anything, it was probably the hit to their wallets that caused the NFL on Wednesday to announce a new proposal for the upcoming season: Any player wishing to protest by kneeling during the National Anthem will have to remain in the locker room.

According to the new guidelines, all players on the field will be required to stand during the National Anthem. Those who violate this rule will earn their entire team a major fine.

Pence took to Twitter with a single word: “#Winning.”

But this is a win not only for the Trump Administration. It’s the American people as a whole who very clearly told the NFL they would not tolerate such abuse of our national symbols.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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