BREAKING: Susan Rice’s Team Throws Obama White House Counsel Under The Bus


Giuliani now serves as President Trump’s personal attorney.  As the president’s legal representative he traveled to Ukraine to better understand the charges that had been brought against his client.


Highlights from Giuliani’s podcast in his own words follow:

“You can’t take a bribe for $5 million, $8 million, $10 million, $20 million… you can’t let a country go wildly corrupt and then say, ‘oh, I’m running for president you can’t investigate me.’  A lot more Democrats would be running for president if they got immunity from major crimes.

“It was our embassy that was encouraging the waste of American money.”

“The money was going to not government organizations (NGO’s), some of them outside of Ukraine, that had a specific political philosophy and only to the ones that had a specific political philosophy… socialist, communist, anti-American, anarchist… philosophies that seek to destroy the basic structure of a free economy…”

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