BREAKING: Soros Exposed Hiring FULL-TIME Army to Wreak Havoc in America


It’s been reported that Craigslist Ads are popping up around the United States in order to recruit full-time or part-time “protesters” against the Trump Presidency.

As the riots and protests rage through our streets in America, the question has to be asked:

Does someone behind the scenes want to see civil war in our country?
The answer is most definitely, yes.

 It appears that history has repeated itself, more recently than we’d hoped. When you review the files in your memory bank, who is the one man that all of these sinister paid-for violent groups lead back to? Why, George Soros, of course.

These paid instigators are making an already bad situation much much worse.


If you recall, Soros was also busted for paying protesters to go into Ferguson and stir things up. This isn’t merely some crazy Republican theory, it’s FACT. The Daily Mail reported that Soros spent $33 million to fund the protests. The Washington Times reported that it was totally cool, though, because, being the humanitarian that he is, Soros just wanted to help the civil rights movement. What a splendid, selfless, guy. Of course, this seems to be a thing among kabillionaires. The Ford Foundation and Rockefeller foundation also fund “social activism.” Which is official kabillionaire code for “mess stuff up and wreak havoc.”

And take a guess who footed the bill for the rent-a-thug protesters at Trump rallies in California and New York? (Here’s another source, too.) You guessed it… everyone’s beloved Hungarian-American troll.
You should also keep in mind that the organization Black Lives Matter was born through the Ferguson riots.

We will expose this evil maniac’s every move.


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