BREAKING: She Signed It


She did it.

Nancy Pelosi just took it upon herself to sidestep the will of the American people. Not that she hasn’t done so before, but this time it was more blatant than ever.

After signing a bill to block President Trump’s delcaration of a national emergency over the refusal by Congress to fund the Mexico border wall, Pelosi tweeted:

“Today, I was proud to sign legislation making it clear – once again – that the Congress is committed to protecting the separation of powers in our Constitution & rejecting the President’s #FakeEmergency.”

Pelosi is obviously trying to bury the real issue here.

Yes, it is important to maintain a separation of powers. But we must not forget that Trump only decided to resort to such drastic measures because Pelosi and her Democratic majority in the House have effectively given the middle finger to the American people.

We voted Trump into the White House to get things like the border wall done. WE WANT IT DONE!

Trump is actually looking out for us and our will, while Pelosi is working only for her own anti-Trump agenda.

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