BREAKING: Sexual Harassment is Running Rampant in Congress


As goes Hollywood, so goes America, I suppose.

As depressing as that sentiment might be, it seems that as long as Hollywood was able to cover up its sexual harassment problem, so were other major American institutions, Congress chief among them.

But now that the depth of liberal hypocrisy has been laid bare, demands have been made to understand just how bad the problem is on Capitol Hill.

And the reality is nothing short of shocking.

Over the past two decades, Congress has paid an incredible $17 MILLION to silence no fewer than 264 claims of sexual harassment made by congressional and White House staff.

And sources suggest there were MANY more cases not included in the Office of Compliance report.

That’s YOUR tax dollars at work!

In fact, officials revealed to Breitbart that the sum paid to date likely represents but a FRACTION of all incidents of genuine sexual harassment in Congress, since the process of filing a complaint is so tedious and intimidating:

Only after the complaining employee has gone through the cumbersome and potentially intimidating first two steps of the process–counseling and mediation–is the employee allowed to go to the the Third Step, “Civil Action or Administrative Hearing.”

It is only after the Fourth Step, “Review by the Board of the Office of Compliance” that the complaining employee has an opportunity to receive a financial settlement, “If an employee prevails in a case.”

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