Breaking: Senator respond to Maxine Waters calling for physical abuse of Trump aides


What Maxine Waters is calling for is severe and threatens the Republic. On Sunday, Waters called for physical violence on the Trump administration. Senator Orrin Hatch has responded to the threat calling it “very bad” and “dangerous”:

This is a very bad, dangerous idea.

Debate and even disagreement is critical to the American experiment. But when we stop seeing the humanity in the other side, we all lose.

We all bear responsibility in some way for the current state of politics, and the lack of civility.

And because of that, it takes commitment from all of us to fix it. Because America is better than the discourse we are currently seeing.

The Senator’s response is to this video of Maxine Waters calling for all our war against Trunp aides.


This isn’t the first time Waters has called for physical voilence. In October she called on her minions to “take out” President Trump:


Many are now demanding Waters to be investigated for inciting violence.


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