BREAKING: Russian Fighter Makes ‘Unsafe Contact’ With US Aircraft. And That’s an Understatement


A Russian fighter jet essentially assaulted an American naval aircraft over the Black Sea in the kind of incident that could easily spark a war.

The US plane was identified as a P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft.

It was reportedly close to the Russian border at the time.

The Russians scrambled a Su-30 fighter jet to intercept, and intercept it did, in very dangerous fashion.

The Russian plane flew buzzed the Poseidon, flying within 50 feet of the American plane, resulting in “violent turbulence.”

Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza responded by stating:

“The U.S. aircraft was operating in international airspace and did nothing to provoke this Russian behavior. Unsafe actions‎ have the potential to cause serious harm and injury to all air crews involved.”

Source: Zero Hedge

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