BREAKING: Russian fighter jet in showdown with US Navy aircraft


Every day, we inch closer to a military showdown with Russia.

They are challenging us on all fronts, from eastern Europe, to Syria to North Korea.

On Tuesday, Moscow again sought to assert its dominance by provoking US naval forces.

A heavily-armed Russian fighter jet intercepted a US Navy reconnaissance aircraft flying over the Black Sea.

The Russian, who was armed with six air-to-air missiles, came within 20 FEET of the US aircraft, sparking a critical situation for our forces.

Moscow tried to downplay the encounter, claiming it was an aerial “greeting.”

But if that’s the case, why was he armed, and why did he fly in such a way as to make the encounter last a full harrowing hour?

These types of “encounters” can ultimately end only one way…

H/T Donald Trump News

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