Breaking: President Trump Releases Embarrassing Video Of Obama and Hillary


You can’t help but to laugh when Obama told an audience back in 2016 that U.S. jobs are never coming back.

Obama thought he was funny when he cracked a joke about how Donald Trump could not bring jobs back unless he had a “magic wand.”

Obama is now having to eat his own words considering the stock market is record highs, unemployment at 3.8 percent and black unemployment at 5.9.

President Trump on Tuesday released of a compilation video of Hillary, Obama and the economy.


A recent report just revealed jobless claims is the lowest in 44 years.

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The total number of workers receiving unemployment benefits is running at the lowest levels in 44 years, the Department of Labor reported Thursday in more encouraging news about the economy.

Over the most recent month, the total number of workers getting benefits fell to 1.73 million, the lowest such number since December of 1973, when the labor force was much smaller. In comparison, more than 6 million workers were getting such claims during the worst of the recession.

Low numbers of unemployment insurance beneficiaries are a good sign. They suggest that layoffs are rare and that laid-off workers are able to get jobs more easily. In most states, benefits are available for up to 26 weeks.

In recent months, claims have been the brightest among a number of labor statistics that suggest that the jobs market is red hot.

Numbers don’t lie.

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