Breaking! President Trump just topped 101,000,000


Folks, this is MASSIVE and such a good news.

President Trump’s social media manger Dan Scavino just announced the President has topped 101,000,000 total followers on social media.

This massive amount of followers allow the President to completely bypass the fake news media at get his message out to the American people.

“Generally speaking, I am very happy. You know, I have almost 100 million people following, so when
The press treats me unfairly or bad or fake, I sort of can go around them, so I’m really very happy with Twiter. I will tell you that really.

It’s a modern-day form of communication – social media – and a lot of people wish they had it, we have close to a 100 million people.”


Don’t you love this? Trump can bypass FAKE NEW mainstream media,

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