Breaking: President Trump Has Just Silenced Them All


President Trump took to twitter after the Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin and made clear and decisive statements regarding the summit.

Trump is facing continued criticism from both sides of the aisle and the media but remains strong and vigilant.

The truth that all of President Trump’s critics are failing to mention is that no one has been harder on Russia than President Trump.

As reported by dailycaller.com

Political commentator Dan Bongino said President Donald Trump’s Russia critics don’t realize how tough he’s been on Russian President Vladimir Putin and the country’s government, Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

Bongino also cited American military attacks against Russian mercenaries in the Middle East and claimed Russia cannot afford to interrupt stable economic relations with the United States.

“People forget it was just a few months ago that the American military wiped out a couple hundred Russian mercenaries in Syria and had the Russians scrambling because they didn’t want to claim credit that they were actually Russian,” Bongino continued.

“I don’t think Putin expected Trump to respond that way. That was not an insignificant incident over there. And his comments about the gas pipeline as well. The Russians need this other pipeline,” he concluded. “The Russians are not an economic powerhouse. They’re a small sliver of the United States economy. And they need that money and … Trump confronted them on it.”

What are your thoughts on President Trump’s response to the criticism?

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