BREAKING: Plan Submitted to Close Mosques, Deport Imams


It’s the end of the road for radical Islam.

In fact, it might be the end of the road for Islam in general, at least in Austria.

The country’s new 31-year-old chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, announced over the weekend that his government will close down at least seven mosques and expel dozens of Muslim clerics from Austria.

“Parallel societies, political Islam and radicalization have no place in our country,” Kurz said at a press conference.

His vice chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, further warned that “this is just the beginning.”

The hardline Kurz was elected because years of open-borders policies had resulted in skyrocketing crime rates in Austria, just as they have in so many other European countries.

Austrians finally had enough, and Kurz was brought in to handle the problem.

How far will Kurz get before the politically-correct powers that be in the European Union force him to back down? That’s anyone’s guess.

Source: Daily Mail

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