Breaking: Picture Just Released Of Man Believed Responsible For Crisis At Border!


Conservative Journalist Jack Posobiec in a seemingly joking tweet implied that Barack Obama was to blame for the “crisis” at the Southern Border.

lthough the tweet was clearly in jest, there is much truth to it.

Barack Obama presided in a time when more illegal immigrants were facing criminal prosecution than in our current timeline and the former President did nothing to halt it.


A Los Angeles Times report in 2014 documented the crisis that was occurring during the Obama Presidency even:

As reported by latimes.com

Amid disintegrating support for President Obama’s handling of the border crisis, the White House on Wednesday reached out to friends and foes alike in Congress in an effort to salvage its plan to respond to the surge of Central American children at the Southwestern border.

In a private meeting between Obama and lawmakers at the White House, and later during an unusual briefing by administration officials for the full Senate on Capitol Hill, the president’s team sought help in resolving the issue after Congress all but tanked a $3.7-billion request for emergency funding.

The flurry of activity came as lawmakers are launching their own proposals for dealing with the 57,000 unaccompanied minors who have been apprehended at the border since Oct. 1.
“We’re open to Congress doing their job in deciding what the best path is,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

A Pew Research survey released Wednesday found 58% of respondents disapproved of the way Obama was dealing with the surge of children. Just 28% approved, giving Obama one of the lowest ratings for his handling of any issue since he became president, the researchers said.

This isn’t some new phenomenon created by the Trump administration. The only difference is the Trump administration is unwilling to bend the law on existing policies in hopes that Democrats will realize that putting a bandaid on issues like they did with the Obama administration will not work forever.

It is time for those in Congress to stand by the laws they have established and stop being so incredibly week on immigration.

But despite today’s reactions to the crisis, it is important that the public understand that it did not start with President Trump or a Republican controlled Congress:

That seems to be the question now? Why didn’t those children matter then? The answer is simply they didn’t matter then for the same reason they matter now…politics.

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