BREAKING: Paul Ryan Tied To Trump Dossier Funder!


House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been exposed for his extensive ties to “Never Trump” Paul Singer who funded Fusion GPS and their “Trump Dossier” research.

From Gotnews:

This evening, the news broke that Paul Singer, a New York billionaire and top Paul Ryan donor, is behind the phony Russian dossier used to smear President Donald Trump. Singer, a hedge fund manager and known “Never Trump” advocate, is a major donor behind the Washington Free Beacon, a neocon research laundering firm that now admits it paid Fusion GPS for the original opposition research on Trump:

GotNews Editor-in-Chief Charles C. Johnson originally broke the story of Singer’s involvement in funding the dirty dossier some six months ago. He has since reported it on several occasions.

“What was interesting in the 2016 election was how much money was spent against Trump by other Republicans, in particular Paul Singer,” Johnson told Russia Today‘s Max Keiser on September 26th. “Officially, [Singer] spent $25 million; there are estimates that he spent upwards of $50 million against Trump.”

“In the past, he had hired this group, Fusion GPS, which is sort of this opposition research group that’s all these ex-journalists from the Wall Street Journal. He had hired them in the past to do public affairs work around Argentina,” Johnson explained last month. “Paul Singer was also the money behind the Fusion GPS dossier – the same dossier that was targeting Trump as supposedly being a tool of Russia.”

Johnson’s reporting on Singer’s financial involvement in the anti-Trump dossier starts at 20:02.:

Singer is close to both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. It is widely rumored that Romney chose Ryan as his running mate at the request of Singer.

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