Breaking: Paul Ryan Just Shocked Them All With One Statement


Liberals want Trump to cut money for the military.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., expressed confidence Thursday that the bill, which delivers a military funding boost sought by the GOP alongside increases in domestic spending favored by Democrats, would pass.

“There is widespread agreement in both parties that we have cut the military too much, that our service members are suffering as a result, and that we need to do better,” he said.

The bill’s impact goes well beyond the Pentagon, however – renewing several large health-care programs, suspending the national debt limit for a year, and extending billions of dollars of expiring business tax breaks. The cost of those provisions exceeds $560 billion, though lawmakers included some revenue-raising offsets, such as increases in customs fees and a sell-off from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

House Speaker Paul Ryan just gave a statement and said the military isn’t the reason the U.S. is in debt but entitlement spending.

just said military spending not the reason there are growing deficits. “It’s entitlements.” Also health care and inflation. “We could get rid of the military and we still would have a deficit.” Ryan says entitlement reform is the way to deal with the debt crisis

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