BREAKING: Pakistanis Tied to DNC Email Scandal Caught FLEEING THE COUNTRY After Democratic Leaders Covered For Them


And they accuse President Trump and his crew of being involved in some sort of foreign meddling in American politics?

We already knew about the Pakistan-born Muslim brothers involved in the DNC email server scandal.

Well, now we pretty much can confirm that they’re guilty of sending sensitive information overseas, and of bank fraud.

Via Breitbart:

Imran Awan, the Pakistani IT vendor of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, was arrested by the FBI while trying to flee the country Tuesday, according to a Fox News reporter.

Fox News Capitol Hill reporter Chad Pergram tweeted about the arrest at Dulles International Airport, which he said stemmed from “bank fraud” charges:

Rep. Wasserman Schultz responded by firing Awan. But, seriously, do any of us really believe she didn’t know?

If she didn’t know, then she’s an idiot who shouldn’t have access to our nation’s classified information. If she did, then she’s a criminal who shouldn’t have access to our nation’s classified information.

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And it gets worse.

The reason Awan was fleeing the country was because he had tried and failed to retrieve SMASHED HARD DRIVES from a house he and his brother own in DC.

After discovering they had left “smashed computer hard-drives” and other computer equipment at the Lorton, Virginia home, the Awans tried desperately to retrieve them before they were seized by investigators, going so far as threatening to sue the renters.

The contents of the hard drives is unclear, but Imran Awan and his brothers are reported to have provided services as IT vendors for several House Democrats.

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Now, most of the charges against the brothers are connected to embezzlement of public funds.

But there’s also concern that they uploaded sensitive information to foreign servers. And that Wasserman Schultz covered for them.

The Daily Caller’s Rosiak said one of the allegations against the brothers Awan was that “they were sending information to an offsite server and when you look at their backgrounds, these guys have been accused of fraud repeatedly in civil lawsuits.”

The Daily Caller had reported that Wasserman Schultz “inexplicably protected” Awan when news of the scandal first broke.

Source: Breitbart

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