BREAKING: Obama Makes MAJOR Move Against Trump – This isn’t good


It was just confirmed this afternoon by the New York Post that there was what appears to be an attempt by the ex-President Obama to derail President Trump.

Obama will apparently be leading the charge with 30,000 protesters located just 2 miles from the Oval Office, in an effort to Disrupt President Trump’s goals and ambitions and aiming for the ultimate goal – impeachment.

According to sources, Obama plans on accomplishing this through a network of non-profit organization operating under the parent agency Organizing for Action.

Any normal situation would call for the ex-President to retire from politics, but this isn’t the case with Obama. He refused to uphold the sacred tradition designed to protect the presidency from partisanship that might cause harm to the democratic framework of the government system.

But even the election cycle showed the whole world that America is doing everything but sticking to its routine.

The network of dissenters has been rapidly growing since November 8th, with the official position of their policy stating that they’re not planning on backing down.

Obama has been deeply involved with operations of non-profit groups, and on top of that he even posts from their official twitter account, giving various orders to activist soldiers on the ground.

His original promise of a “smooth transition” was quickly altered and he is now stating that it is time for “some organizing”.

Obama will be accompanied by Eric Holder who will serve as his right-hand in leading the resistance.

Obama will be overseeing the entire operation from a mansion located 2 miles from the White House, where he is currently building a tall brick wall around the complex.

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It is pretty clear that until President Trump shows him his place, Obama isn’t planning on going anywhere…

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