BREAKING: Obama Gets DESTRUCTIVE News After Publicly Condemning Trump


Barack Obama came out of the closet to attack President Trump’s temporary travel ban on immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries that have known ties to terror.

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However, what was just revealed about Obama’s presidency exposes the above statement as one of total hypocrisy.

Just before the election, Trump pointed out that Obama has “moved millions of people out…millions of people have been moved out of this country.” Despite what the mainstream media tells you, this was actually a completely accurate statement.

Mad World News reported that between Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and 2015, over 2.5 million people were deported. In 2013, Obama set the record for most deportations in a year with 435,498.

Just over 2 million people were reported during the eight years George W. Bush was in office…

The liberal media is conveniently ignoring Obama’s deportations to highlight Trump’s temporary travel ban.

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