BREAKING: Obama Appointed Federal Judge Rules To Delay Georgia Election Certification! They’re Trying To Steal It Folks


According to reports on Tuesday, an Obama appointed Federal Judge has ruled that Georgia must take steps to protect all provisional ballots and to delay certifying the results of the midterm elections until Friday.

The elections results are supposed to be certified by Tuesday.

As reported by magavoter.com

Federal Judge Amy Totenberg, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama, ruled for Stacy Abrams to delay certifying GA election results and protecting all provisional ballots.

From FoxNews

A federal judge on Monday ordered Georgia take steps to protect provisional ballots and to wait until Friday to certify the results of the midterm elections that include an unsettled race for governor.

Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams campaign manager, announced Judge Amy Totenberg’s decision late Monday. WSBTV.com reported that the judge’s 56-page ruling could affect thousands of provisional ballots. Groh-Wargo called the ruling “good news.”

Brian Kemp, her Republican challenger, issued a statement a day earlier calling for Abrams to concede. Kemp has declared victory and said it is “mathematically impossible” for her campaign to force a runoff.

Abrams’ campaign did not immediately respond to a phone call from Fox News late Monday night.

Abrams, 44, a Democrat, has maintained that she will not concede until every vote has been counted, and pointed to the 5,000 votes tallied over the weekend that favored her.

Totenberg, who was appointed by President Obama, ruled in connection to Common Cause’s lawsuit filed on Nov. 5. Totenberg’s order doesn’t change the Tuesday deadline for counties to certify their results.

Common Cause, a nonpartisan group, claimed in the suit that Kemp, while secretary of state, failed to maintain “the security of voter information despite known vulnerabilities” leading up to the midterm. The suit blasted the state’s “provisional ballot scheme,” that could disenfranchise a registered voter at the ballot box

This could be another steal attempt folks. Please share and spread awareness of what is now happening in Georgia.

Help #StoptheSteal

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